“She Just Quit”


On the heels of “An Island Never Cries” and “Jesus Christ, Lord of Empathy,” I’m ending the week with another writer’s work. An anonymous commenter at Milton Stanley’s blog Transforming Sermons clued me in on Steven Clark Goad’s “She Just Quit.” I offer it to you as fodder for thinking. This Sunday, as you gather with others in your church, ask yourself who might be a Barbara Smith.

Again, read the whole thing. And God help us if we’re not in tears by the time we read the last sentence.

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  1. Sorry, somehow blogger dropped a sentence — my commentds should say — “Thank you for this link! I am doing a series on servanthood (both on my blog and at church), and have been looking for some antecdotes which would get everyong thinking (especially me).”

  2. Ouch

    How many sheep have not so much wandered off as have been forgotten? I once went to a church that had as it’s byline “Where every member is a Minister/Missionary.” It’s a heavy reponsibility to assume a church full of shepherds, but that it indeed what we are called to do. And no cop-outs: “But that wasn’t my ministry, Lord. I just didn’t feel led…” Which brings Keith Green’s famous punch-in-the-gut-line: “The only difference between the sheep and the goats, according to the scriptures, is what they did and didn’t do.”

    Are we betting our salvation on a prayer?

  3. That was a powerful story. Our church has small group meetings that help combat this. But I was reminded to be on the watch for people who might not make it to a mid-week meeting. I’ll be looking around Sunday morning with newly awakened eyes. Thank you.

  4. Bill

    Thanks for the reminder. That is such a good story for all of us to hear. Our church group has just implemented a new “greeter” responsibility, invite any new comers to lunch that morning after service. There is a team of “Lunch host volunteers” to handle any overflow. . Wasn’t my idea but it is a very impressive outreach. Half the time people say no thanks but you know they are deeply touched and hopefully will return.

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