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Two summers ago, a young man in our church, Patrick McCarthy, was working on a train tanker car when built-up pressure blew a large metal hatch off the car and into his head. The emergency room staff, on seeing his injuries, said there was no point in even trying to help him.

But to their amazement, he did not die.

It’s been a series of rollercoaster ups and downs with Patrick since. He came home to live with his parents last year. He’s made a good recovery, but, as is the case with people who suffer traumatic head injuries and are wheelchair bound, he’s susceptible to random infections.

Right now, he’s back in the ICU and back on a ventilator for yet another infection.

If you have a moment today, would you pray for Pat, his parents, Mike and Nancy, and for his two young children?

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Prayer for Pat

    • Patricia, et al.,

      I talked with Pat’s mom this morning. He’s been suffering from an advanced case of pneumonia, common among people in his condition.

      He coded three times last week and the doc basically told the family to prepare for the end. As of Saturday, though, he’s remarkably better and no one’s talking death now.

      However, the talk has switched to doing a permanent tracheotomy on Tuesday. The damage to Pat’s trachea from previous trachs has contributed to his low oxygen levels and the subsequent pneumonia. His family doesn’t want the tracheotomy. They’re holding out for more miracles.

      Thanks for praying. It was touch and go for most of the week.

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