Thank You + An Update


Thank you to all who have commented and e-mailed concerning the illness that struck our family. I suspect our situation here will never be as it once was, but we will learn to cope in time.

Blogging here will commence once again, but will be limited to a post or two a week until I can restore some sense of normalcy at home. My plate is full and I have far too many tough decisions to make in days to come. I hope my readers can understand. Thanks for standing by my family and me.


3 thoughts on “Thank You + An Update

  1. mark sullivan

    I had such a good samaritan help us. I had accidently written a check to the wrong account, and it bounced to the tune of almost 200 dollars. I could not make it good for a couple of weeks, and Debbie, the customer service agent at the small local bank we bank at, told me that, out of anybodys control, we had 4 days to get our account current. I told her it would take longer than that, and I couldn’t do anything about it. She just told me she would take $200 from HER OWN account, and move it to ours, to keep our account from being wrecked. It would just be between us, and we could pay her back when we had it, even in payments. I was stunned. This was a woman I had built a relationship over 4 years, but only at the bank. Yet she cared, and trusted me to do this. God obviously has angels working at Citizens Bank. God helps us, in unexpected ways. I hope your problems, and suffering are eased.

    • Mark,

      There are still some good people that care, though I suspect they are in an increasing minority. Our times seem less friendly when compared with my remembrances growing up.

  2. jfn

    Know that you are in our continued prayers. I am certain that God will bring you through this time of trouble (Ephesians 1:15-23) for in him all hope and strength are provided. In our 20 years of marriage, my wife and I have passed through several times of terrible illness and each time, God has brought us through to a new time of life with a closer relationship to him, and a healthier, more vibrant spirit. Dan, we pray and know that God will guide you in the decisions you must make, and we pray for the daily renewal of your spirit, so that during this time in the valley, you might grow and experience the fullness of God’s great power and grace.


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