An Incisive Word We May Not Wish to Hear


Diane at Crossroads gets a hat tip for pointing me to Michael Spencer’s new blog, Jesus Shaped Spirituality. His post “Pray at the Pump: A Meditation on Jesus and Economic Discipleship” could not be more incisive.

I encourage everyone to read it. Each one of us in this country may soon be faced with downward mobility. It’s going to be a horrible lesson to learn if we don’t have the eyes of God to see the truth.

5 thoughts on “An Incisive Word We May Not Wish to Hear

  1. Lincoln

    Isn’t this really covered under “Give us this daily our daily bread?”

    Maybe it’s better to pray simply that we have the means to pay for higher gas prices, not that gas prices should be lowered overall?

    Still, ironically enough, even without praying, a while back I noticed the mileage on my car suddenly went up inexplicably. The improved mileage offset any price increase, so I continue to pay the same amount for gas every month.

    God is good. 😀

  2. I prayed seriously for a solution… God just provided me with a car that gets 2x the gas mileage of my old one… and made me a profit on the sale of the old one and I didn’t even try to sell it. In one day.. BOOM! And this car is exactly what I needed in size and everything…

    Jesus said three times not to worry… in a row. I think He was trying to get our attention.

    If you are going to pray, then don’t worry… but if your going to worry… don’t even bother praying.

    Have faith or don’t. Get off the fence.

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