An Update from Here at Home


Yeah, I need to put up a newer picture...Some have asked how things are at home in the aftermath of illness from a couple months ago. Thank you for asking. It’s been a difficult time and we’re by no means done with it.

This situation has led me to consider some changes here at Cerulean Sanctum. I’ve thought about solutions for several months, even before illness struck. I keep coming back to the same answers.

Many readers have written in the past to ask why I don’t put up a tip jar. A few have even e-mailed me to ask how they can support this blog financially. In the past, I’ve rebuffed those offers as I believe there are always people more needy than this blog author. But in light of what’s happened in recent months, I’m rethinking my position on setting up a support page. I’m also exploring other options.

I know that a few readers may feel betrayed by my even entertaining these thoughts. My apologies. If the situation were different, I wouldn’t be posting this. Like I said in my post from yesterday, I think we as a country are in for some tough times ahead. Tough times require tough solutions.

I’m open to hearing what you think about this because this blog exists for you, the reader. If this blog didn’t have readers, there’d be no sense in devoting the time it takes to make Cerulean Sanctum what it is.

I’ve always been thankful to God for this site and for inspiring the content here. My inbox contains numerous emails from people who were blessed by coming here. Though it’s been up for nearly five years, Cerulean Sanctum continues to be one of the more unusual sites on the Web. We talk about many subjects that get little exposure otherwise. I have you to thank for that support and for your commentary.

Let me know what you think. Your opinion matters.

23 thoughts on “An Update from Here at Home

  1. Anonymous

    Dan, if you had a neighbor who was in need and you had the means to help, you’d do it above and beyond what your neighbor might have expected. You’d say that’s what Jesus would have done.

    In the same way, with tough times are ahead, there are still people who are able and willing to help people who are in need however way they can.

    I live in a country where there’s no system in place (charity/non-profit) for helping a general population or group. Believers here can only help those they hear or read about at a personal, individual level. Isn’t that the way things were during the first century? People gave whatever they could for the spread of the gospel.

  2. Bob Aarhus

    Two scriptures, Dan.

    First, don’t muzzle the ox. You are rightly entitled to material support for your spiritual work, and while you are noble not to expect or request it, I don’t think you should actively reject it, either.

    Second, do not deny us a chance to give you a cup of cold water; do not deny us our reward for welcoming the ministry of Christ. If the Spirit has moved some to reach out a helping hand, it has God’s imprimatur. Not all miracles need be mysterious checks in the mail or strangers with large envelopes of cash.

  3. Jon Clayton

    Dan, the ultimate arbiter of Christian faith is reality. And the reality is this blog is a forum for ministry. Is it wrong for the minister to derive sustenance from those he or she ministers to? I do not think so…… I believe you should allow people to partner with you in ministering. This is often done by accepting financial support.

    Just one Jon’s thoughts as he journeys toward the Promised Land.

    I pray all is well with your soul.

  4. Jake

    I have no problem with you asking for donations. I think most people know that there are real costs involved in running a website such a this. Paypal is a safe, excellent, and low-cost way of allowing people who are so motivated to give.

  5. Brent

    Yes, it’s about time. You’re a modern-day frontier preacher and you’re doing the hard work of serving up the Word. Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain.

  6. Set up a tip jar already. I’ve been on you about this for a while now!

    Also, take twenty of your best posts on the blog, and rewrite/edit/expand them into a book. Give away a PDF eBook if you want, but let us (your friends, fans and dedicated readers) buy $45 hard copies.

    In fact, do that four or five times this year.

  7. Dan,
    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! As long as you don’t start “making available” specially anointed prayer cloths, or yak incessantly about planting seeds in your ministry, do what makes sense. If you’re off base, you will undoubtedly hear about it in droves.

  8. wayne syler

    I usually dont comment on posts, but your writings have help encourage me. I would also like to help fill a need as well.

  9. Sonya

    Because of your years in following Christ, and your christian education and your ability to write I think you proably should or could be recieving some financial support.

    Blogs like yours offer alot of good critique about christian culture and the church. I also think you could have a bigger role in being more ‘out there’ in terms of speaking or other leadership opportunities to some creative ways to change the direction of present church culture. Especially in light if worse persecution that infringe on our rights as christian voices to be heard in this country.

  10. Normandie


    Just put up a link. You don’t even have to mention it or ask.For most of my Christian walk I’ve attended churches that had baskets in the back with no mention of offering nor time for collecting. God took care of all the needs, prospered and blessed those churches. I’m firmly convinced that you don’t have to ask, just give the Lord a path through which He can use others to bless you.

    We decided a few years ago to go out on the mission field without asking anyone to support us. We receive a pittance from Social Security as our mainstay, though, as you can imagine, that’s a leaky sieve and a fairly precarious income source. But I know in Whom I trust. God has never, never let me starve or be without a roof, so we’re committed to believing that He’ll continue as He has in the past. And there were times in early years when the empty cupboards were filled because He put it on the heart of someone else to bring in the groceries. (How humbling was that?!) A couple of months ago, we received a check from a small church that had been taking up offerings for us for a year–and we didn’t have a clue they were doing it! The check turned out to be the exact amount we needed to fill the diesel tanks on our boat before we left for the first leg of our trip, following the Wind of God.

    That church had to have a way to find us so they could send us the check. Your readers need a way to reach you in case the Lord wants to use them to help meet your needs. Fine, as Americans, we think we should be self-sufficient. We ought to be able to keep the bills at bay, feed our families, whatever. But you’ve written again and again about the Body of Christ ministering to one another and being there for one another in times of need. I hate being guilted into giving, but I love having the Lord speak His word to me about a particular need.

    • “as Americans, we think we should be self-sufficient. We ought to be able to keep the bills at bay, feed our families, whatever. But you’ve written again and again about the Body of Christ ministering to one another and being there for one another in times of need.”

      Ooh, she got you there, Dan. ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t be a hypocrite! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Dan, I think you should really look into Travis’ suggestion or something of the sort. You ahve plenty of writings to expand into a small book. You might want to even consider a devotional.

    I make my living online and have found that very little money is raised through donation buttons outside of campaigns for specific projects.

    You are a writer. Write something and sell it here on the blog. you already have the audience.

    • Carl,

      I’m thinking about Travis’s suggestion. The “1000 Fan” idea has intrigued me for a long time, though I don’t want to ever consider my readers “fans.” I don’t like the idea of “fans” in the church. A.W. Tozer used to preach, then go to the nursery to hang out with the kids rather than stand at the door and have people tell him how wonderful his message was. The babies didn’t see him as anything other than a loving man. Something in that appeals to me.

      We’ll see.

  12. Cheryl

    I was thinking of something like a small hardcover book that had different chapters written by different “well known” current bloggers that have really good helpful sites.

    I really want to see some change in how church is done that isn’t abusive or wierd and new agey. I think there are enough of the ‘over 30 years’ of being a christian camp that have survived alot of bad movements and proably have ALOT to say.

    sadly I see history repeating itself and I want to scream.

    I would buy a book like that. Then get it used in seminaries to get ‘up and comers’ thinking. Promote in Christianity Today etc.

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