The American Religion on Parade?


Exodus 32:1-6The image is of an event held this past Wednesday calling Christians to pray for the world’s economies.

A quote unrelated to the event::

Conversion in the U.S. seems to mean we’ve exchanged some of our shopping at Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, and Borders for the Christian bookstore down the street. We’ve taken our lack of purchasing control to God’s store, where we buy our office supplies in Jesus’ name.

—Mark Riddle

I’ll let you draw all the conclusions you wish.

12 thoughts on “The American Religion on Parade?

  1. David

    Whom do you serve? God, or Mammon? It seems that there are a lot of Mammonites out there who are idolators: Worshipping money, yet wearing a cross. I wonder, when they are unable to pay their bills, if a bronze bull will show up and hand them the cash they are praying for?

  2. You may correct me if I’m wrong – I got the ‘King’s market” quote from Cindy Jacobs – which does appear to tie into your former post.
    C. Pete’s apostles. Third wave/health/wealth nonsense. I found it at CBN along with her call to go pray at the bull.

    While I don’t quite see this crew venerating or worshipping what is a piece of gonzo art, I do see them making fools of themselves.
    I also wonder why they think our Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills is going to be commanded by their ‘works.’

    From what I understand the testicles on this bronze scultpture are shiny, they get rubbed for good luck so much. Don’t see laying hands on the thing as much different.

    Some of the commentary has not been kind, quelle surprise.
    What I’m very glad to see is Christians standing up and giving honest rebuke. Thank you.

    I used Matthew Henry’s commentary on Matthew as my quote on this.

    I don’t blame people for thinking golden calf on this behavior at all.

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