Help Cub Scout Pack 401…


I don’t normally use Cerulean Sanctum as a forum for causes, nor have I actively solicited. But sadly,  due to their stand on moral issues, the Boy Scouts of America have lost some of their funding from public sources. Pack 401 checks out the local firetruckAs I’m in charge of PR for my son’s pack, I’m doing what I can to support scouting.

My son is a Bear Scout (a Cub Scout designation for boys in third grade) this year and has done well in scouting. Because we live in a rural area hit hard by unemployment and the economic downturn, not many families in our pack are well off, so most of what the pack can do in a year is determined by the proceeds from fundraisers, the biggest being the fall popcorn sales.

If you would like to support my son and Pack 401 of Ohio’s Dan Beard Council, would you consider buying some specialty popcorn? Of the profits on what you purchase, 70 percent  goes directly my son’s pack, so it’s a worthy cause.

To support my son and his pack:

1. Go to the Trail’s End popcorn site:

2. On the right side of the screen is a box near the top that reads “You are supporting no one.” Click the “Change” link. The box will drop down a menu. The first text area caption reads “Enter Scout ID to support a Scout.”

3. Type in my son’s ID number:  3012076

4. Click the “Continue” button.

5. Select whatever you wish to purchase from the product list.

Your purchase will be shipped to you promptly.

The Boy Scouts of America celebrates 100 years of scouting in 2010, and with your support, we’ll enjoy another 100.

And may God richly bless you!