How to Fix the American Christian – Series Announcement


Recently, I wrote a post that discussed why the Church in America is not living up to its calling (“Why Christianity Is Failing in America“). Readers asked what I thought we could do to turn tragedy into triumph, so I responded with an overview of possible fixes (“Why Christianity Is Failing in America – Further Thoughts“).

But I also realize the need is more practical than a conceptual overview. People need examples. For that reason, I’m starting a series that will look at practical ways that Christians can live truly countercultural lives that reflect the genuine Gospel of Jesus. These won’t be theological missives, but ideas for earnest believers who want to go against the flow and live a life worthy of the upward call of Christ.

Though Cerulean Sanctum usually focuses on the Church as a whole, I believe that the only way change is going to come to the Church is if a large group of believers within each local church bucks the system. It really does come down to individuals making Spirit-directed choices to live counterculturally. The power of one may be overrated, but a large group of people choosing to say no to worldly ways gets noticed and makes a difference.

I’ve entitled this series “How to Fix the American Christian,” and I hope for at least those few who read this blog it will make a difference that helps change the world for the Lord.

5 thoughts on “How to Fix the American Christian – Series Announcement

  1. Marie

    Hi Dan,

    This will be great.

    I wanted to tell you what happened in the congregation where I worship.

    Several years ago, the crowds were large and the times were exciting. I didn’t attend there then, but a good friend shared with my husband and I what was happening.

    Along came a man (our friend) who started teaching about the whole Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The lessons were hard to hear. People started leaving. He spoke on giving up all, esteeming others better than yourself, turning the other cheek, not judging, but loving, counting the cost, etc., etc.

    We began attending here three years ago.

    The teaching became focused on Heb. 13:13 – “Hence, let us go out to Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach”. People kept leaving. It was too hard.

    Lately, God gave us the opportunity to move our meeting time so another, larger congregation could meet at the “normal” time on Sunday Morning. They are a Russian speaking people and are quite appreciative since they had outgrown their own building. We have been greatly blessed by this alliance.

    The Lord is continuing to bring us opportunity to be used by Him. It is hard to feel like you are alone for the most part, but we know He is still stretching us so that we will be worthy to bear His reproach.

    All this to say, I think people are not willing to give up the world when it comes right down to it. They want to rule themselves instead of giving the throne to Him so He may rule through them.

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