What Being a Church Family Means, Part 3


Life is most assuredly strange. In the course of this mini-series on being a church family, I ran across the following video by Mark Driscoll. This Seattle-based pastor has a reputation for being the modern Christian firebrand, dividing people into “love him” or “hate him” categories (kind of like yours truly). What he says in the following video not only reinforces what I said in my previous post, but he completely covers the issue I wanted to end this mini-series with and does it better than I would.

So enjoy. And let me know what you think:

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6 thoughts on “What Being a Church Family Means, Part 3

  1. That was excellent. I have found reason to complain about MD in the past, and have: it is only fair that he get kudos when he’s done so well. Kudos MD!

    • slw,

      I cut Driscoll some slack because he’s doing a great work in his area, even if he tends to come off harshly or pushes too many people the wrong way. His humanity is one of the things I appreciate about him. He’s one of the least phony nationally recognized Christian leaders in the Church today, and that gets points from me, even if he does bomb from time to time.

  2. Jeremy

    Thats it right there. All truth here. Most people go to church expecting everyone else there to be perfect. When they don’t see everyone getting along or the pastor doesn’t say hi to them they get mad and give up. Hello! We are still human and live in the real world and not everything/everyone in the church is going to be perfect or even nice to us. We have to work together and allow love to reign. True love that endures. Do we think God always has fun putting up with us?

  3. Tammy L

    This is perfect! I plan on sharing with my small group. I think this mentality of being a consumer over being a servant has permeated the Church and makes it difficult for real relationships and communities to form. Thanks for sharing this video and writing this series about the Church family!

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