Best of Cerulean Sanctum 2011


About 18 months late, but here are my picks for the best Cerulean Sanctum posts from 2011:

Does Anyone Still Care About the Great Commission?
Should it seem so impossible that in a given year each adult in a church could lead one person to Christ? That this seemingly simple task isn’t even remotely accomplished should cause us to drop everything else we do as Christians and do some serious soul-searching.

Making Sense of Confusing Christian Voices
Too many “authorities” in the Church are delivering conflicting messages. How does anyone make sense of all the chatter? Here’s how…

YOU Feed Them
A song of years ago noted “we are His hands; we are His feet….” We are the Body of Christ on this earth, and the Lord expects US to make His will happen.

A Ministry of Reconciliation
Christians always seem to be fighting this issue or that person. That’s not our mission, though. We have a better calling…

The Perfect Church
Four different types of churches with four different emphases. How is it that we can’t unite all four?

Better Than a Beating
We love to beat those who don’t have their theology perfect. But here’s how a Spirit-filled couple took one newbie in the Faith and helped him get it right.

Christians I Have Known–And How to Be the Right Kind
Christians often pursue one aspect of the Faith and miss what is most important.

The Forgotten Prayer of Jesus
What it means to live a life devoted to being one in Christ.

Five Steps to Transform Your Church in Seven Months, Guaranteed
In which I suggest a Scriptural answer to a genuine problem, yet one few churches seem willing to try. And some Christians are—surprisingly—dead set against it.

A Tale of Two Messengers
An Appearance of Godliness, but Denying Its Power
Just Give Me the Book of Acts
The three posts above share a common theme about a genuine problem in the American Church: Do we believe what the Bible says about the Spirit-empowered life or don’t we?

Fear: The Ruination of the American Church
Perfect love ousts all fear. If the American Church is driven by fear, what does that say about us?

Steve Jobs, Jesus Christ, and the Bland Conformity of Western Christianity
What are people both inside and outside the Church dying to experience? How Apple’s Steve Jobs tapped into that need—and how the American Church keeps missing it.

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