Great Readers Make or Break a Blog


Whenever I go to other Christian blogs, one of the first things I notice are the reader comments.

Few such blogs have maintained the level of positive conversation as has Cerulean Sanctum. The readers and commenters here are without a doubt the best on the Web. The level of conversation here is an order of magnitude more gracious and thoughtful  when compared against what I find elsewhere. Whereas the commentary on many blogs is shrill, angry, and knee-jerk, I never see that here.

So thank you, readers, for being thoughtful, reasoned, patient, calm, and all those other qualities that mark mature, yet continually growing, disciples of Jesus. You folks are the best, and I mean that sincerely.

Thank you for keeping the joint classy!

9 thoughts on “Great Readers Make or Break a Blog

  1. I tend to shy away from argumentative blogs and those which venture in what I would call “gossip.’ I have enough of a spiritual battle without loading myself with more. I may not have the largest (I don’t), nor the widest range of people who comment (I don’t), nor the liveliest discussions (I don’t), but I am content to know my blog is a place people feel comfortable coming to and hopefully learn something. I make yours a visit each time you post a new one.

  2. Chuck

    I have to agree with you about your blog. This may be the third time I have commented here but there is at least one blog I check daily that generates a lot of comments (it’s in your blogroll) and many of them, in my opinion, sink to the level of ridicule and disdain for other Christians, particularly of the conservative type. I would have to be either very brave or very worked up to venture into that ring. Not that it’s never interesting or entertaining, nor do I always disagree (in fact, I often do agree) but it’s a daunting place for those of a different stripe. If I were better with words I’d certainly contribute more here. It’s a good place. Keep it up!

    • Chuck,

      I think one of the differences here is that I don’t take a clear sectarian line. That’s where most others get into trouble. If you toe a sectarian line, everyone is either gunning for you or for your readers should anyone deviate from that line. I don’t call myself an Arminian or a Calvinist, merely Reformational, in that I support the basic thoughts of the Protestant Reformation. I grew up Lutheran, but I attend a Pentecostal church. I have worked for EV Free, UMC, ELCA, and PCUSA (though the church was more like PCA), and been in the PCUSA (R.C. Sproul’s old church), Assemblies of God, Vineyard, Disciples of Christ, and a few others. I’m staunchly conservative, but I lean more social gospel than most conservatives. Some consider me something of an intellectual, but then I’m also a charismatic, which doesn’t compute. In short, I’m a mongrel, and that makes me something of an oddity on the Web, where almost all the lines are clearly drawn when it comes to Christian bloggers. In some ways, being a mongrel in the Faith has kept me free of some of the diseases that result from overbreeding. 😉 It also means people don’t come through here looking for a fight because they’re not sure what the assumptions are, since I’m not easily labeled. Plus, I don’t always react the way people suspect I will, and I’m more likely to agree with someone who has a beef than disagree with them, which tends to defuse a lot of “fight for fighting’s sake” kind of argumentation.

      And in truth, I’m a much smaller fish in this big pond than some other bloggers who get ten times the traffic this site does. Lastly, I realize that any yahoo on the Web can attract sycophants, so when people agree with me, there’s no ego stroke there. If you agree with me, great, but if you don’t…well, that’s OK too. You can’t believe your own PR, because if you do, you become insufferable.

      Oh, I’m adding this: I’m OK with paradox. Much of Christianity is a paradox, so I can hold two differing views at the same time and not combust. I don’t think most people do that quite as easily. We’re too black and white. By being a little more gray, people find it less fun to try to goad me.

      That’s why I think things are different with Cerulean Sanctum. I think the blog also attracts people like me who something of the square peg in the round hole and yet are fine with that, even it means a slightly lonelier road than many others walk.

      Whether that’s you or not, I’m glad you’re hear. Contribute to the conversation anytime.

      • Dan, I like what you said about being a mongrel. I’ve only been blogging a few months, but I think that nicely sums up one of my aims – not to conform to any one particular group or dogma for the sake of conforming, but rather to be true to and honest about my own beliefs, struggles and discoveries.

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