A Slowdown at Cerulean Sanctum


The old, French aphorism goes Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Translation: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

While that has been the case since I started writing Cerulean Sanctum, I can’t say it’s the case now.

For the next few months, posts will be sparse due to changes in my work and some other big changes due to that change. You know that old, American saying I’m as busy as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest? Well, I may have both my lower limbs, but the level of activity is commensurate. I’m just hoping the old, American saying of Live fast and die young doesn’t apply, because the speed of everything right now is cranked up to ridonculous levels.

I hope to get back to some level of normality, but it may take a while for me to find a life balance. Prayers for that goal are appreciated!

But most of all, if I have prayer requests, they follow:

For excellent health

For favor and success in my new work

For a greater ability to abide in Christ and find peace and strength in Him amid all the activity around me

Thanks for being a reader. Please keep checking in. You never know what may be posted here. Just know that whatever is will be sparser than normal until life settles down, probably after summer.


4 thoughts on “A Slowdown at Cerulean Sanctum

  1. Hey, Dan,
    I noticed your new job posting on LinkedIn. Exciting times. I wish you all the best as you get established in your new role and will remember to pray for you.
    Grace and peace,

    • Thanks, Seymour! After 11 years, it’s quite a change, and it will precede even more changes. Staying on top of everything that will happen in the next few months is going to be tough. Your prayers are much appreciated. Anything I can pray for?

  2. Tryphena

    Dan, do you have an option for people to subscribe to your posts via email? I look forward to the new posts and am sorry to see them slow down, but wish you the best in this busy time!

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