No Space to Avoid a Crash


PileupHave you ever noticed that your attempt to place safe distance between you and a car ahead of you while driving on the highway is viewed as an invitation by some to squeeze their vehicle into that space? Yes, nature abhors a vacuum, but so does the average motorist. Especially if that “vacuum” happens to be the space you create to avoid a crash.

We have become people who fill every precious space with something. Every moment of every day is filled. Now, instead of being alone with our thoughts, to be contemplative people, we are like meerkats staring in one unified direction toward what most draws our attention, usually a cell phone.

If we have no spaces left, we have no space left for God. And if we have no space left for Him, we have no way to avoid a crash, one that may be even worse than the kind found on a packed highway.


2 thoughts on “No Space to Avoid a Crash

  1. Darrell

    Dan, I rarely (if ever) comment here or elsewhere. But I do want to let you know how much I enjoy your challenging and provocative posts. Thank you!

  2. Cindy

    Yes – I agree… Good food for thought.
    I personally think that people have to re-learn how to get into a new routine where they can simply have time to do nothing except rely on the One who created space instead of filling it with the created always….
    It’s challenging- but once you take the challenge you begin to learn that you were just spinning your wheels back there – and now that you learn to adapt to hearing Gods voice without all your space filled with schedules & filled up space – it’s almost like you realize that you have a brain again- crazy – huh?
    Just thinking outloud – here on your blog- sorry.

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