Revival Then and Now


I wrote about systems the other day, and this systemic difference between a hundred years ago and now came to mind:

Then, when revival came after times of diligently seeking the Lord, everyone dropped whatever he was doing and local churches were filled to capacity 24/7 for weeks and sometimes even months.

Now, after many years of prayer by intercessors, the first hints of revival break out in your church one Sunday night, with massive repentance, people weeping before the altar, and the Holy Spirit thick upon each person. Meanwhile, you’ve got a sales conference call early Monday with Spacely Space Sprockets,  a dinner meeting with the boss, and you fly out on Tuesday morning for your presentation to the folks at J. Peterman later that afternoon. And on Wednesday…

If you want to know why revival does not come to this country, this then and now difference is a good place to start. And the problem is systemic.

If this country is ever to experience a Third Great Awakening, smart Christians better start speaking to systemic issues.