The Christian & the Business World #1: My Qualifications for the Series


Before I start a series on Christians and the business world, I think it’s fair to let you know what my qualifications to speak on this topic are:


Well, that’s not exactly true. What I mean is that I don’t have any unusual background that would make me an authority on the subject. That said, I’ve worked in numerous industries and ministries over the years. My list of past work experience paints me as a jack-of-all-trades, but unlike the typical jack, I have a strong tendency to become expert in what I do. Such is my personality that I can’t stand not mastering what I attempt. What this has given me is a strong eye and a discerning mind; I see what other people don’t. That has served me well over the years, but has also been a source of friction from people who don’t understand.

Over the years, I have worked for large companies like Apple Computer, small start-ups like Synchrony Communications, and contracted work within NASA, Procter & Gamble, and others. I’ve worked in every level of Christian camping ministry, from lowly counselor up to camp manager. I’ve worked in Training, Sales, Marketing, IT, the housing industry, the Christian bookstore industry, and more. I’ve seen a lot of sides of a lot of disparate organizations. If I’d been smart (and this will be the topic of one post, certainly), I would’ve been the proud owner of three or more large Rolodexes filled with a wide assortment of business contacts from all my many wanderings. Notice the “would’ve been”—very important here.

Anyway, after a number of roles that called on my writing skills, I took the plunge and went into business for myself as a freelance writer. I write everything from tech manuals to marketing copy to fiction. Again with the Jack-of-all-trades thing, even within the writing biz.

It’s my hope that this series will utilize my skills as a “j-o-a-t” to their best advantage. But most of all, I hope you all are blessed by what I have to say, even if that blessing seems discouraging at first. I’ll be the first to admit that I think that the current state of business today is at complete odds with most of the Gospel, no matter what the Christian captains of industry say. Still, the intersection of godliness and good business may be small, but it is there. Staying within that overlap in the Venn diagram is far more difficult than Christians understand, but I hope we can figure it out together and see how we Christians can weather future storms in the economy and in work, bring our salt and light to the world of business.

Next post in the series: The Christian & the Business World #2: Economic Systems

4 thoughts on “The Christian & the Business World #1: My Qualifications for the Series

  1. I look forward to it, Dan.

    BTW, I see now why I enjoy your writing so much—you’re a pro. Same for Mike at Eternal Perspectives (former newspaper writer). I was a pro, too, for about 12 years (magazines, newspapers, historical & tech writing), before going into f-t ministry. Now I blog. Peace.

  2. Milton,

    You and I are in flipped directions: I was in f-t ministry before coming to writing.

    I was also intrigued by your writing CV. I see that you were a tech writer—so was I. My magnum opus was when I was working for Apple bashing all things Wintel. Ironically, now Apple appears to be joining half of that club, although “Aptel” doesn’t have the same ring.

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