The Christian & the Business World—Complete Archive


As I was finishing up the series last night, I realized that I needed to make it easy on everyone who wanted to reference the whole thing, so here are the links to the entire thirteen-parter:

If you’re using Firefox or Safari, you can tab browse the whole thing (although your eyes might glaze over in the process.)

Hope this helps put it all in one place for the brave souls who want to start from the beginning.

28 thoughts on “The Christian & the Business World—Complete Archive

  1. Nice work, Dan. I have not been able to follow the whole series as I would have liked due to being pretty busy but it is good to know it is always here for browsing.

    I did have the idea of clipping the whole lot and putting it in a document I could print off – I take in printed matter ten times better than what’s on the screen.

    I don’t know how many others might be interested in downloading printable hard copy of the series. Maybe a PDF of the lot? But then, that reduces the need to visit your fine blog, which would be a shame.

  2. Seymour,

    Any input you have on the series is appreciated, especially since it was in the UK that many of these ideas started. I know my section on The Industrial Church Revolution would have been greatly aided in its historicity by someone who has a greater feel for the fallout as it happened in Britain.

    Thanks for the kind words about the series. I hope it gets Christians thinking about whether or not our cultural systems are truly Christian and what a Christian work reality might actually look like. Too few people are asking these questions.

  3. Travis


    Please add a link to this archive in the “Best of Cerulean Sanctum”: preferably not in, but alongside the “Best Posts of 2003-2004” link!

  4. Colin Rowley

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    Looking forward to hearing from you. Loved your series on Christian business!

    In Him,
    Colin Rowley

  5. Colin Rowley

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