Thanks (and a Prayer Request….)


If you are reading this right now, would you take some time to pray for God’s blessing on my family and me? I would certainly appreciate it.

Thanks for stopping by and being a reader of Cerulean Sanctum. I pray that what you read here is a blessing that draws you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed day!

5 thoughts on “Thanks (and a Prayer Request….)

  1. Deb

    I’m praying, Dan. May God bless your family today in an extra special way.

    I’m so glad Robin H. pointed me to your blog. I’ve appreciated your insights. The comments on homeschooling were fascinating. I agreed with nearly all your observations and especially appreciated the relief from mild guilt I’ve felt for not homeschooling our kids. I was/am a good mom, but patience as a teacher was not one of my virtues, not to mention second grade math would have been a real challenge for me. ; )

    We have four awesome kids—three of whom managed to graduate from college in spite of me, one just beginning high school. What a blessing from the Lord children are!


  2. lindaruth

    I just prayed for you and your family Dan. Thanks for your insights and courage. I don’t always agree with you, but I always learn something here. 🙂

  3. Michael the Forgiven


    I’ve only taken the opportunity to look at your blog a couple times. I did link you though because I really liked what I saw.

    So, even though I haven’t read enough to understand your specific needs, I will pray. Usually when someone online asks for prayer, I respond by praying online.

    Dear Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

    I Thank You for Your grace and wisdom that I see in Dan’s writing. I ask that You would continue to guide and provide for he and his family. Please draw each of them closer to You, as they become more aware of their deep need for Your mercy, grace, and love.

    I also ask that You would bring people and events into Dan’s life which would inspire him, or even surprise him, and remind him of Your love and Your awesome grace.

    I ask that You would bless him by using him to touch others with kindness and acts of charity.

    I don’t know if there are looming medical, financial, or other crises, but if there are, I commit them to Your loving care. May Your purposes be accomplished in challenges which befall Dan and his family. Even if there are difficult experiences which You deem necessary for some divine reason, I ask for Your mercy in those circumstances. Please encourage them along the way. AMEN

  4. Tracy Bolton Jones

    Dan – I’m praying for you and your family. May you feel God’s presence in a mighty way. May He give you wisdom, strength, courage, direction and peace. May you feel His magnificent Love.

  5. dianne

    Prayers that situation with difficult tenant will be resolved quickly/favorably. The lady has damaged the property several times and repeatedly denies responsibility. Prayers that she will move willingly/quickly. Prayers that she will do no further damage to the property. Thank you and God bless you.

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