The Apocalypse Now Upon Us!


Carson PalmerPlenty of Christian sites out there have been asking if the apocalypse is imminent. They point to the devastation on the Gulf Coast, pullouts in Israel, troubles in Iraq, continued flakiness in North Korea, and on and on.

I was not a believer in any of this until yesterday.

Why do I now believe the end is nigh?

Simple. The Cincinnati Bengals are 3-0.


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  1. Becky

    Hahah! That’s because you hadn’t seen Carson Palmer play before. Soon as the Bengles got him, it was just a matter of time. Ah, but the convergence of all these events …

    But no. Seriously, God showed His mercy on us with the latest storm. Once again. Oh, that we would stop crediting mother nature with any of it and turn to our sovereign, omnipotent God—see Him for Who He is and name Him as Lord.

  2. kaiandstacie

    I believe that the last 2 storms are directly related to Israel.

    This is where the prophetic voice is so needed because most in the Body of Christ are uniformed concerning the promises of God regarding the Land due to replacement theology(the belief that when one comes across scripture referring to promises concerning Israel or Jerusalem that you insert the church instead) that has permeated the Church.

    I sent Pres. Bush over 39 emails over a 4 month period (may-aug) warning him of God’s judgement that would come to America in 2 forms natural catastrophic disaster or a God-forbid terrorist attack. The Lord had me use Gal 6:7 in my warning “Do not be decieved whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.” I explained that the judgement of God would come on the scale of Hiroshima proportions and the beginning of the judgement would come August.

    Do I consider myself a prophet? I consider myself as a watchman on the wall that God has called to give Him no rest night or day concerning His promises that He has given to Israel and that I am to keep Him in remembrance of them. (Isaiah 62:67)

    People are decieved if they think that God no longer judges nations through natural disasters. This disaster was not due to the sinfulness of New Orleans either, if that was the case than God would have hit that city along time ago, believe me I used to live there.

    On Aug. 22, the last evacuee of Gaza was removed from their home, the very next day Aug 23, a tropical depression by the name of Katrina formed off the coast of the Bahamas. This is very unusual because most hurricanes form off the western coast of Africa and usually take 7-10 days before hitting the U.S. or carribean.

    Well what about Rita?—The final phase of the pullout ended with the IDF leaving out of the small settlements in the West Bank on Sept. 20, “Rita” was just forming and was entering from a depression to cat 1 hurricane status. Overnight, Sept. 21, it jumped to Cat 5. Some people can call this coincidence, I do not. This is God remaining true to His Word. Gen 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you(Israel) and curse those who curse you.”
    What alarms me the most is that Pres. Bush wants to see a “contiguous” Palestinian state created by the end of 2006 which would include the West Bank and east Jerusalem!!Let that sink in.
    Mark this prophetic word— if that happens America as we know it now will CEASE to be. You can call me doom and gloom, that won’t bother me, because as Ezk 33 states I will have no blood on my hands because I did what God has called me to do and that is WARN His people to speak out against our nation’s policies of pressuring Israel to divide her land.

    These are just the warnings from God, the greater judgement will make 9/11 and Katrina look not so bad.

    Dan, see God has had you already preparing and you will be way ahead of the curve, because you will have the knowlege needed if God forbid this country is hit with an EMP suitcase nuke and is taken back to the 1800’s. I know, I know, some are laughing right now, but I’ll just continue to be like the ant in Prov. 6 that will gather my supplies during harvest so I’ll be prepared for the winter.

    Love your site, I am new to it and your voice in the christian blogosphere is greatly needed because it is fresh and your intelligence is coupled with humility. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  3. burttd

    Cincinnati in a (admittedly short) winning streak is not really a problem.

    However, a *Cleveland* sports team in a national championship definitely qualifies as “the abomination of desolation standing where it ought not to be” (Mark 13:14). (And no, soccer does not count, as it is not really an American sport.)

  4. Broken Messenger

    I think the end is near when the ASU Sun Devils win a National Championship….in anything…

    No, I’m not bitter about last weekend.


  5. kaiandstacie

    I find it hard to be sarcastic, flippant, glib and goofy to this question b/c of where I live.

    I am from a small town outside of Houston.

    Let me tell you what we have experienced over the last 3wks particullary over the last weekend, I’ll try to be brief.

    1. My town of 5,000 exploded to close to over 20,000 of hot, tired, frustrated out of gas people in bumper to bumper traffic.
    Some whom had not even moved an inch in 17 hours.

    2. All gas in my town became unavailable. Lines of 1,000 deep formed at one gas station alone

    3. A police officer retold the story of a young hispanic woman that was 9 months pregnant standing in the heat with her other small children eating the last thing they had—ham, and someone nearby in this group of stranded Americans started yelling out “Who will give me $20 for this loaf of bread”

    4. My husband and a friend walked the streets and were handing out “backroad directions” that I was printing for hours to relieve the conjestion/bottleneck in this area so that people would be able to get to San Antonio/Austin.

    5. Most people would cry with tears of thankfulness when given the directions. We also used this as a ministry opportunity to print under the map “Spiritual Directions” on how all of us need to repent, give our life to Jesus, and live holy lives.

    6. Grocery shelves have been and continue to be empty of all the basics (milk,bread,eggs,meat,formula) we had to borrow milk from a friend for my own baby.

    7. Worst of all, most of the leadership in the churches in this community were unprepared, unresponsive, and unwelcoming to the catastrophe that had hit this sleepy town. The standard reason given when they were called “Well, we can’t help everyone, and we have to be careful b/c of the LIABILITY!!
    8. The “spirit filled” churches were an embarrasment to this spirit filled believer. One did not even open, the other opened the “small” youth building not the large sanctuary, and only women/chilren were allowed and a few elderly men. The men were consigned to the parking lot. The lot was full of over 700 cars. This was just one church.
    9. My best friend opened her home to house and feed and allow them to shower—these were total strangers and her mother did as well, to me this is what a good samaritan really is and is one of the bright moments in all of the dark ones.

    My husband and his friend worked all through the night to help these hurting and fearful people. That was just last weekend. Katrina brought evacuees to our town that we have been helping with providing clothing, furniture, food and $$. This has been a collaborative effort of many christians and non-christians.

    Every church in town is now talking about the need for “disaster relief ministry” and to start a new building program to house people and put showers on the outside for people to use. Go figure.

    Instead of a building program the church and particularly the leadership needs to go back to teaching on the importance of building the character of Christ into our lives. To walk the talk and stop playing church.

    So, when I give a serious answer to a flippant question regarding “Is the Apocalypse now upon us” please give me a little understanding about why I am so passionate to why I believe “YES I DO!!” I have my reasons as mentioned above, I know some will not take them seriously, but as for me and my house I will stand for Israel and bless Israel because I want to be blessed. Yes, God does rain on the just and unjust but I can gaurantee you one thing, if you hold the opinion that it was o.k. for Gaza to be given to the terrorists, than don’t be surprised if your house is given away to some kind of catastrophic natural disaster.

    That is all I will say.

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