Mark: The Grace of Christian Maturity


Gospel of MarkI had another post planned for today, but after being touched by Bob's excellent post on the life of Mark this morning at Gratitude & Hoopla, I had to reference it instead. If you haven't discovered Bob's blog yet, it's one of the most grace-filled spots on the Web and I highly encourage everyone to blogroll and visit it.

Today, he puts all the pieces of the Bible's few mentions of Mark together and makes a wonderful case for personal redemption. How the relationship between Mark and Paul changes over time, plus Mark's own growth in maturity and fearlessness is a beautiful look at commitment, grace, and the flexibility of relationships as they grow and mature—it's a devotional in itself.

I could say much more, but that would only take away from what Bob said so well, so just click the link and discover it yourself.

Have a blessed day!

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