The Best Letter You’ll Write This Week


Letter writing

Remember letters?

When I was younger, I had a reputation as an encouraging letter writer. When you're a guy, that's high praise because men in the 1980s were not know for their letter-writing skills.

Sure, guys love e-mail. Invent a techno-gadget and men will find a way to incorporate it into the simplest activity. Getting a piece of paper and a pen out to write a letter causes brave men to weaken in the knees. On the other hand, spend five minutes waiting for a computer to boot up, wade through the new e-mails, start a new one, spend a couple minutes re-reading it, run the spell-check, wait while Microsoft automatically downloads a new system update that bogs you down, and send.

Ah, technology! But that's the way men like it. As for women, they'll still handwrite a note, so it's not them I worry about.

The best letter you'll write this week will be the old-fashioned kind. Dig out some stationery, find a pen that still works, and write a note to your pastor telling him you appreciate his hard work and dedication.  Ask him if he has any prayer concerns you can pray for. Write out a small prayer for him as a conclusion to your handwritten letter. Put in envelope. Write out address. Affix stamp. Mail.

Be blessed to be a blessing. 

One thought on “The Best Letter You’ll Write This Week

  1. francisco

    (crickets chirping…)
    Ok, I wasn’t reading you yesterday. Gotta get away from reading blogs at least for a day. In the meantime, guess what I did? I wrote a letter by hand. A long awaited one. One that I wasn’t sure I was going to do it. But I did. And I will send it soon to its destination. Actually, I agree with you. The little card that triggered this letter caused me much joy. Like it. Hope this person likes it too.

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