Banking on God: The Crisis Poll


Today’s poll is the last one for this series! If you haven’t already, please vote on previous polls. Each one is vital for the commentary I’ll be providing next week! You’ll find a list of polls at the end of this post.


This week at Cerulean Sanctum, I’ve been gathering polling info for a look at how American Christians view money issues, both personal and in the Church. Most polls will run for about six days. So please vote. After the polls close, I’ll offer the results and my commentary on the issues and answers related to the poll questions and results.

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Crises will come, the Bible says. We all endure the little ones, though it’s sometimes hard to tell if the one we’re in is the beginning of the Final Crisis or not. Even now, the United States is facing some turbulent economic times if the news media are to be believed.

How set are we Christians to manage through crises? And how does our view of crises influence how we live?

To vote on the nine questions below, simply log your responses. This poll runs through 6:00 PM, Wednesday, March 5, 2008. A day or so after, I’ll tally the votes and post them with my commentary.










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2 thoughts on “Banking on God: The Crisis Poll

  1. Dan, I apologize if I’m bugging you with my comments on the poll questions… I’m actually asking this one before voting on it. 😉

    “I believe the primary means God employs to assist people in need today comes through…”

    Do you mean “the means God [has established/intends to employ]” or do you mean “the means God typically ends up employing”? In other words, I believe God has established one end, but (due to ignorance, disobedience, etc.) another ends up being used instead. How ought I answer?

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