Best of Cerulean Sanctum 2010


Tech, the Church, and the Death of Community
The possible negative results of loving technology too much—and what it means for the Church

Resigned to a Powerless Christianity?
What happens when nihilism gets ahold of young Christians.

The Christian Singles Mess
Single men are not the reason for the messed up state of singleness in today’s Church.

Sadness, Depression, and the Christian
Christians have a love/hate relationship with sadness and negative emotions. Mostly hate.

In the Land of Inconsequence
How gifted Christians go on to do nothing for the Kingdom of God.

Beating Down the Newbies
How is it that “mature” Christians so gleefully assault the “less mature” on the Internet.

The Church Beyond the Cross
Do we Christians stop at the cross and forget about living in the light of the resurrection and Pentecost?

Indoctrinating for Heaven or Hell
Everyone is being indoctrinated into heaven or hell. Are some Christians getting the hell indoctrination without their knowledge?

Fuzzy Church
The Church has one major mission. How is it  that we’re doing almost everything BUT that mission?

Is Church for Believers Only?
Like the title says.

God Speaks Through Dreams
One of the most Googled posts on Cerulean Sanctum.

The Youth Ministry Problem Series

Youth ministry in the U.S. is in disarray. This series examines why.

When Being “Discerning” Isn’t Series

Why most Christian discernment is more like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And how to be more open to ideas that are different.

What You Won’t Hear Christian Leaders Say—And Why That Makes All the Difference
Jesus didn’t do anything but what He saw the Father doing. So why do we not do the same?

How the Church Can Improve Christian Education Series

A high-concept look at what is wrong with Christian Education programs in the U.S., and what to do about the problem.

Evangelicals, Elections, and Blindness to Sin
Your candidate is a sinner, but not mine—and why that mentality is hurting the Church.

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