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I want to thank those readers who have been praying for me. I definitely have felt those prayers, especially over this last weekend, which was a time of significant refreshing.

I still covet your prayers, so please continue to remember me and Cerulean Sanctum should God remind you during your intercessory prayer time.

Thank you so very much for supporting this blog—and my family and me—in your prayers. Prayer does make a difference. If there is anything I can pray for in your life, please let me know.

Have a blessed day!

Dan Edelen

2 thoughts on “Prayer & Thanks

  1. linda

    Hi Dan,
    I’ve also experienced some significant refreshing over this last weekend. God is good. Thank you for your prayers.

    I’m thinking of the apostle Paul stating in his letters how he continually prayed for those who had heard and believed his message about Jesus. He gave thanks and he prayed. He taught and he disciplined. He loved greater than life itself. He sacrificed, he lost (worldly possessions). He states,’follow me, as I follow Christ’.

    He also asked for prayers to God on his behalf by the saints. After such incredibly harsh treatment at the hands of men, even getting back up from the dead after he was stoned (in this instance it seems that prayer was made by those gathered around his dead body).

    We do need one another in the body Dan, but I think this teaching has been skewed along with so many other teachings by leaders. We really have no concept in our churches of how this is to be done. We don’t have the heart for it in our day.

    • Linda,

      I agree that we don’t have the same urgency in prayer because of our limited (and limiting) understanding. Time and again I see that a lack of prayer covering means people get hurt. Maybe that sounds a bit too Pentecostal for some, but I can’t walk away from it.

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