To Balance or Not to Balance…


I’m slammed, so I’ll refer you all to a great post from Adrian Warnock:


Adrian’s onto the right questions and answers. He leans more Reformed than I do, so his final list of greats at the end is slanted in that direction, but that’s understandable.

I want it all, too, but not at the expense of balance. The Church is in many ways like a graphic equalizer on a stereo system. For the perfect sound, you need to carefully tune the knobs. Pushing them all up to the max doesn’t accomplish the desired effect.

I’ve received many comments here that this blog strikes a good chord of balance in the Church. When I look at the bloggers who have Cerulean Sanctum linked in their sidebars, it’s a panoply of Godblogdom, with just about every orthodox form of Christianity available. That tells me I’m doing something right here, and that right is balance.

Yes, I want to see expressed everything Adrian does, but in decent order and with balance. The narrow way is narrow because it walks between huge chasms carved out by the vast herd of men shuffling off toward their own extremist views.

We, on the other hand, bridge those chasms because of balance—or at least we should.